About Our Programs


Recreational classes are offered in all disciplines of dance, as well as combination classes. The recreational program runs from September to June and the end of the season is celebrated with our annual recital.

Sessional Dance

The mini-dance sessions are offered throughout the year in various dance forms. These sessions are a great way to introduce you to the dance world, or different dance forms. Sessions are anywhere from 6-10 weeks in length and are not involved in our annual recital.

Adult Classes

Adult classes are offered in Zumba, Ballet, Tap and Stretch and Strength. Some classes, such as Zumba, are offered as drop-in classes, some are sessional classes, or adults can purchase a dance card of 10 classes and use it for all adult classes.


Our pre-competitive program is open to those dancers with the desire to compete without a full time commitment, or without the experience to be in the full-time competitive program. The season goes from September to June, students attend one competition, and participate in our examinations and the recital in June. Dancers must take a minimum of three hours of dance instruction per week, and must include jazz and ballet. Our mini-precompetitive group under age 8, must participate in two classes per week, one of which must be in ballet.


Our competitive program is offered to the serious and committed dancer. Students must take a minimum of four hours of instruction and for intermediate and senior dancers this must include two ballet classes per week. The season goes from September to June and students attend three competitions per year, must participate in their ballet examinations and the recital in June, and must attend at least one extra event per season (fall fair, seniors luncheon, Goodwood Talent Night, etc.)

About Classes

Toddler Programs -6 months to 2 years

Baby Bounce: This class is for moms and their babies ages 6 months to one year. This Mommy and Baby class is for moms to get their groove back and incorporates dance and strengthening work for mom and some fun songs for babies.

Mini-Me: This class is for toddlers under 2.5 years. It is designed for the little one who isn’t quite ready to dance on their own, so Moms and Dads join in. This class is a great way to bond with your little one through music and movement and introduces them to music, movement skills and counting.

Primary Programs – Ages 2.5-6 years

Tiny Rhythms: This 30 minute class is an introduction to dance. Focus is on rhythm, co-ordination, musicality and movement. Children use song and dance, props and instruments. This is for ages 2.5 – 3.5 years of age. Children must be toilet trained.

Tu-Tu Cute: This class is a 45-minute class which combines introductory Ballet and Tap Technique in a fun and interactive way through songs, games, and rhythms, while building coordination, flexibility, musicality and dance basics. This is for ages 3 – 5 years.

Mini Movers: This one-hour class is a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Tap. This class teaches the foundation of all three disciplines, while working on rhythm, co-ordination and musicality. This is for ages 5-6 years.

Tumble Tots: This 45-minute class introduces your child to the world of ACRO! Dancers learn to combine gymnastic and dance skills in a fun way. This class is for ages 4-6 years.

Junior/Intermediate and Senior Classes

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique. This class will develop poise, posture, alignment and dance technique. Pointe is offered to students who have satisfied the requirements for this advanced dance form. Requirements include examination results, technical proficiency, anatomical age, years dancing, and number of classes taking per week.

Jazz: An expressive and energetic dance form that combines classical jazz styles with current trends. Age appropriate material is presented in a fun and exciting manner with an emphasis on safe and correct technical execution.

Tap: A classic form of dance, tap develops rhythm, coordination and musicality. Learn steps, technique and flash moves with classic and current music styles.

Acro: Elements of gymnastics and dance are blended in a fun, exciting and innovative way. This discipline focuses on strength, flexibility, technique and control. Students will learn to combine acro tricks, balance work, partner work with dance technique. Students in acro are encouraged to also study ballet and/or jazz.

Lyrical/Contemporary: This dance form is an ever -evolving dance form that combines ballet, jazz and modern. It is an expressive and artistic interpretation of the music, and demonstrates control, flexibility, expression and skill.

Hip Hop: This dance style is a popular choice for dancers! It teaches the latest moves and innovative urban dance technique, with attitude and style, to current music trends.

Zumba: Zumba is available for all ages. We have children’s Zumba for ages 4-7 and ages ages 7-12, and pre-teen/teen and adult Zumba. Zumba is a dance-fitness class that feels like a party – it’s exercise in disguise. Learn dances and moves around the world including the dance forms of salsa, cumbia, Bollywood, hip-hop and more. For our Zumba schedule please visit eileenmccartney.zumba.com

Birthday Parties

Need an idea for a creative and fun
birthday party?

DanceBridge offers birthday parties with a variety of themes and packages available. Parties are 1.5 to 2.5 hours in length and include a class of your choice, time in the party room for cake, food and presents, and include all decorations, plates, cups. You just bring the kids and the cake! Rates are based on 12 children. Contact us for rates.

Themes include:

Princess Ballerina Party: Includes ballet class, a princess craft, and time in the party room for cake and presents.

Funky Monkey Party: Includes dance instruction in hip-hop and acro and time in the party room for cake and presents. This is a great party choice for any age!

Pre-Teen Party: Includes a dance class in hip-hop, a dance class in lyrical/contemporary and time in the party room. Additional activities can be added to this package including manicure or arts and crafts.


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